We offer On-Line Therapy sessions via Video platforms or Phone.  It is Confidential & available 7 days a week

dr. karen kaffko


and associates

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dr. karen kaffko & associates

Offers a collaborative psychotherapy practice, bringing together extensive, specialized clinical experience in a broad spectrum of emotional, behavioral, and family mental health problems and disorders. The consultant practice also offers Psychological Assessments, Divorce Mediation, Sex Therapy, Staff Training, Supervision, and Workshops.

Who We Treat

Individual Adults

Individual treatment for adults experiencing a range of mental health concerns.


Treatment for couples experiencing a range of life stressors.

Child / Adolescents & Parents (Families)

Individual treatment and parent-child treatment for children and adolescents.

How could therapy help me?

People go into therapy for different reasons

They explore their difficult relationships, feelings of anxiety and/or depression, past traumatic experiences, the process of getting older, and stressful and confusing transitions in their lives.  Therapy is a process that allows us to understand patterns we may get stuck in.  The knowledge of these patterns allows us to make new choices and have new ways of feeling about ourselves.  People enter therapy feeling troubled and leave therapy with a clarity and sense of empowerment they are grateful for.

dr. karen kaffko

and associates

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