People seek counselling services for a variety of problems that can have an impact on how they function at work, with their families, and in intimate relationships. They may want to learn new ways to cope with their difficulties, techniques to avoid painful issues, and ways to develop more positive thinking and behaviors.  They may want to understand themselves better, to get to the root of the issues that are bothering them, change the way they think about the world and improve the way they deal with stress overall. 

Dr.Kaffko & Associates provides assessment and treatment for a wide range of mental health concerns.



    Individuals bring to relationships their specific expectations, wants, fears, needs, and experiences.  Couples counseling serves as a vehicle for strengthening the partners to better understand themselves and each other. It involves having intimate partners in the therapy room working together.  The path of the treatment will be determined by the needs of both the partners and the relationship unit.  The goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment to explore the issues which often arise during the course of a relationship. Partner conflicts often center around issues of trust, value differences, communication styles, financial issues and extended family.  These conflicts may manifest in disputes about money, sexual relationships, time spent together, co-parenting, negotiating household responsibilities, and infidelity, among others.  Couples therapy not only gives space to explore and address these difficult subjects, but offers the opportunity to learn new ways of communicating and practicing new conflict resolution skills.

    Children & Adolescents


    From social stress, transition and divorce, bullying and trauma, children and adolescents are under more pressure now than ever before. Young people often struggle with self-image and self-esteem issues, sometimes depression and eating disorders, and substance abuse is a big threat in today’s hurried, stressful pace.  Our therapists are warm, compassionate and non-judgmental. We understand the issues that children, teenagers and young adults face with regard to school, family, relationships and life in general.

    Dr. Kaffko & Associates offer a comprehensive assessment and treatment process to learn about the following:

    • The impact of mood on behavior
    • Life experiences
    • Strengths and interests
    • Social relationships
    • School history
    • Family dynamics

    Depending on the child’s needs and goals, a combination of the child, parents and/or other family members may be present.  If the adolescent is having difficulties at school, we may seek parental permission to collaborate with teachers and school staff.  Our aim is to ensure that treatment plan strategies used at home and school are in sync.

      Parents & Families


      Despite their importance in our lives, family relationships can be very difficult to manage. We expect our intimate partners to provide for many of our needs, but often find that differing expectations and frustration can create conditions for conflict and erosion of closeness.  Our children test us for weaknesses and we don’t always pass.  Their developmental stages all require a new set of parenting skills to help them deal with their anxieties, depressions, peer relationships and growing self-esteem. 

      Our adult parents grow older and require care, placing a burden on our other responsibilities.  Often, we find ourselves in the Sandwich Generation – between the large needs of our children and increasing dependency of our elderly parents.  A diverse set of communication and relationship skills is required if one is to successfully meet the challenges of family life. 

       Dr. Kaffko & Associates help address all these types of child/parents / & family issues that cause family members stress.



      We are an LGBTQ+ affirming practice. We recognize and affirm fluidity and want to encourage an environment of learning about you rather than feeling like you need to have a full understanding of your identity immediately.  Our therapists are well-versed in relevant topics. We offer space to explore any feelings about your sense of self and interpersonal relationships.

      Therapy helps with a variety of life’s challenges, such as gaining satisfying, meaningful, and sustaining relationships, issues such as depression, anxiety, coming out, positive self-identification, integration and acceptance and queer couples issues.

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